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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thousands in U.S., abroad speak out on war - CNN Story

I find this part of the story interesting - there is 1 (one) mention of the supporters in the article:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Thousands of anti-war demonstrators and supporters of the
U.S. policy in Iraq shouted at each other Saturday from opposite sides of a
street bordering the National Mall as protesters formed a march to the Pentagon
to denounce a war entering its fifth year.

The rest of the article if FULLY DEDICATED to the Anti-War protest!

Notice, however, the numbers are conveniently LEFT OUT???? Why is that, I wonder? Hmmm, let's think HARD on this one...wouldn't they WANT to tell you just HOW MANY protested???

You know, I participated in the Counterdemonstration on Saturday. I can tell you what is fact, and what isn't. The fact is, the Counterprotest was outnumbered by only a thousand, and my family & I all agreed the March on the Pentagon probably reached about 5,000.

I can't see why CNN wouldn't want to report that...maybe because it didn't compete with the 1967 & 1971 protests (or any other Vietnam protests for that matter). I guess the Baby Boomer Hippies didn't instill that go-getter activist attitude in their kids. Apathy has reared its ugly head amongst the next generation...unless, of course, you want to "get girls." Ugly ones, from what I could tell...

As per usual, CNN also manages to dig up a "victim" of the Pro-War abusers:

But war protester Susanne Shine of Boone, North Carolina, found herself in a
crowd of counterdemonstrators. She came out in tears, with her sign in shreds.
"They ripped up my peace sign," she said.

My guess? She most likely deliberately walked into the areas designated for the Gatehring of Eagles, which was MUCH SMALLER than what the Anti-War groups got, yet her sign was ripped??? WHAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Let me relay something I CONTINUALLY saw Saturday: numerous Anti-War demonstrators walking into "opposition" or "enemy" territory (as determined by US Park Police) well after demonstrations began, as if the rules DID NOT APPLY to them. Well, of course they don't...not when you're a Socialist.

Question: What do YOU think they would have done had we done that to them???? We'd have been beaten, pushed, spit on...any and all violent actions. MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE, PEOPLE - we are not dealing with "peace" activists.

Let me relay the "peaceful" groups CNN didn't mention in attendance (photos soon to be developed as proof): Communist-Militants, Eco-Militants, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Anarchists, Che Guevera supporters.

Here's a synopsis of their respective missions:

Communist-Militants - Obviously, militants believe in aggressive verbal and physical contact, and this group wants Communism (without having any clue what that entails in reality).

Eco-Militants - Their objective, I gather, is more of an environmental bent...although I don't know why they were even there. Unless, the 0 (ZERO) barrels of oil we steal from Iraq is their problem.

SDS - part of the New Left, which believes in Social Activism (including violent confrontation). This organization was dissolved in 1969, and revived last year...ah, welcome back to the '60's, Folks. One of their first presidents was Tom Hayden. Say No More.

Anarchists - This group is actually the most pathetic. If they truly believe that people can exist without the boudaries of law & government, then why are they scared to show their faces to law-abiding citizens???

Che Guevera - I guess we must be tortured before we can become peaceful? His entrance into the Left as of late has been a bit confusing. How does a Cuban Communist torturer demonstrate the 'peaceful' side of the Left? You know what? It doesn't!

What we fail to recognize, until we see them in person, is the truly violent potential that operates for the Left. They are the foot soldiers for those who believe that we should be like THEM. They represent the hypocrisy of the Left and the 'Peace' Movement...they believe in the works of Lenin, Stalin, and Marx, yet have the nerve to call us Fascists.

FYI: Hitler was a Socialist! Stalin killed more Ukrainians, Lithuanians, et al, per capita than Nazis killed Jews. And Mussolini killed...well, none, because he DIDN'T CARE!!!! Fascists are concerned with various issues that are bad, but Socialists & Communists want you to be like them and will KILL YOU whenever they feel the urge.

Basically, the Left is full of crap...look at any of the photos carefully, and see if you can find the groups I just mentioned. Did my eyes deceive me? Am I utterly incapable of recognizing their flags, slogans, etc.?

Attend a Counterprotest for yourself, see for yourself. You will see what I saw, the truth. That they want you to change your beliefs, ideals, hope...for them to live in their world. I don't know about you, but I aim to misbehave. (thanks, Joss, for the line...)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Right-Wing Hit Job???? Yeah, Right...

Alright, I finally found time to post about something again...sad to say it's not about what Islamic Fascists are doing to us, but what role the Libs can (and do) play in this duplicity. And I'm going straight to the top - Slick Willy.

As I'm sure you're aware, he was interviewed by Chris Wallace yesterday. (If you're not, please visit here to watch.) Chris could barely finish question 3 before our planet spun out of orbit. Clinton acted and sounded extremely defensive, which makes you wonder What does he have to hide? Other than Everything, it could be strictly to reenergize the Left immediately before the election. So let's leave his emotional breakdown to others, and focus instead on one key point he made several times during this interview:

"I tasked the CIA to hunt Usama Bin Laden down and kill him."

I will produce government policy that flies directly in the face of these remarks. This isn't opinion - it's been a well-known policy around govies and contractors for years:
Executive Order 12333--United States intelligence activities, Part II:

2.11 Prohibition on Assassination. No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.

This Executive Order was signed under Jimmy Carter in 1976, and has been upheld by every administration SINCE. And if Clinton violated an E.O. he signed in the reapproval process, why would he tell anyone? The only people likely to know would be Clinton, Tenet, and the dude with the gun. The total count I'm getting is 3, not the 3+ million Clinton just spilled to on national television.

So I ask you again, "Mr. President," what did you do to help the war on terror?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Murder of Italian Palestinian Rights Worker by Arab Man in Jerusalem

This week, an Italian Palestinian Rights Worker was murdered by an Arab Man in East Jerusalem. Obviously, this article was covered by few new agencies. I'm sure many could argue that the reason for this is its lack of importance in comparison to other occurrences within Israel and Lebanon. Frankly, I think this is extremely relevant to what's occuring in the Middle East, and actually worldwide in the War on Terror. WHY?


Firstly, it is interesting that a Palestinian Rights Worker would be stabbed in the back by someone he is attempting to help and support. Thousands remember Rachel Corrie, who sat in front of an Israeli bulldozer (yes, on purpose) and was killed by the driver because he couldn't see her. But will those same people who take on her name remember Angelo Frammartino? He was STABBED, on purpose, by an ARAB (e.g., not a JEW). Will they remind the world of Angelo? I say no, because it doesn't suit their purpose. Why would they want to remind you of the violence committed by those they claim as victims of Western colonization???

Secondly, it reminds me of the stabbing of Theo Van Gogh in the Netherlands. Different part of the world, but the violence of the act is similar. Although Van Gogh's killer knew of his "heretical" acts, I think there's a similar attitude exhibited in this recent murder. Even though Frammartino apologized for many acts committed by the Palestinians and others "suppressed" by Westerners, his killer assumed Frammartino was one of those "colonizing" bastards.
What this says is our opinions do not matter...it's strictly whether or not we're Arab (and/or Muslim) that counts. Do we want to live under this view? Have we not had enough of this in a democratic environment? That has been difficult enough, but there have been opportunities for obtaining more of a balance. Do you really think we would have that opportunity under Shari'ah law?

For those who are not familiar with Shari'ah law or Muslim states, there are several general items of note:

Non-Muslims under Shari'ah are required to pay a jizyah, or tax, to remain a dhimmi (non-Muslim). However, that's only allowed if you are al-kitab ('of the Book'), or Christian/Jewish. Unfortunately all Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists, Animists, Pagans, Agnostics, Atheists, and anyone else I've forgotten must either convert or be put to the sword. And actually, since Jews are the utmost enemy, they don't even get the 'out' originally given by the 'profit' in the 7th century:

Women are required to cover their entire bodies (including their hair) around anyone not related to them, are not allowed to drive, and are not allowed to work:

Some women have even succumbed to sex-change operations to end the second-class citizenship they suffer under Islam:

Women who are raped and the news becomes public are usually sentenced to death (unless they can produce 4 male witnesses in their defense). And watch out for that 'sharp tongue':

Western countries have seen a startling connection between rapes and those who commit the crimes:

Women who have relations outside of wedlock or marry/become engaged to a non-Muslim/unapproved man can be killed to protect the family honor.

In Jordan: http://www.missionandjustice.org/?p=1149

In the Middle East:

In Italy:

In England:

Even if forced into prostitution, homosexuality is punishable by death...unless family gets to you first:

And if that's not enough...al-Qaeda No. 2 says: 'JIHAD WILL LAST UNTIL OUR RELIGION PREVAILS' http://www.iranfocus.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=6658

And you wonder why I'm worried??!?!??!??

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gee, we didn't think that, like, kidnapping would actually piss them off...I mean, can they do that?!??!?

Please read the following article, where a senior Hezbollah leader expressed his surprise at the level of Israeli response to the soldier kidnappings...I have to admit, I find it amusing:


I also was interested in the UN deaths...I guess they must've just shown up yesterday? I thought they were supposed to have been at their posts for years (yes, they have them) as the result of more than one conflict, but what was I thinking? Ha! Stupid me...